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Parenting Without Punishment

Traditionally we've been told that in order for our children to learn they need to know who's boss. We've been told that kids need to be punished if they "misbehave". But what if there's another way? If goal is to teach our little ones then shouldn't we be capturing these challenging moments as opportunities to teach? Or should our children be punished so that they know better?


5 Ways To Stay Calm During a Meltdown

I focus on 5 ways that help me stay calm during those tougher parenting moments. We’re all human, we aren’t perfect, we are going to react quickly at times, we are going to snap, it’ll happen. But it’s no secret that as parents we are the ones who can regulate our emotions, we’re the ones who can either escalate these challenging moments or bring a level of calm to help our little ones through their emotional outbursts.