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Get this exclusive bundle which includes all 3 of my guides, all focused on helping you better manage your frustrations. For just $27 you'll receive:

  1. The 27-page guide to losing your sh*t... less (worth $19.99)
  2. Printable losing your sh*t... less weekly worksheet (worth $9.99)
  3. The 17-page guide to filling your child's cup (worth $16.99)
  4. The 14-page guide to tuning into tantrums (worth $16.99)
  5. Printable 7-step checklist for managing your frustrations (worth $9.99)
  6. [BONUS] - 50% discount code (worth $34.99) for my calmer parenting video-series

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🤯 Lose Your S* LESS! - This guide will help you view your child's behaviour differently, it will help you look beyond what you see, and it'll help you work with your child, not against them. It will help you to be more self-aware, and to appreciate the importance of your response during those challenging parenting moments. You'll have clear steps for when it gets too much and you lose it with your little one. The fact is, as difficult as these moments are, we can capture these moments as opportunities to teach and model repair, and this guide will help you with that. You'll also get my "Losing Your Sh*t...LESS! Weekly Worksheet".

🥤 Fill Your Child's Cup - Explore 5 simple ways to parent without shame. This guide will help you meet your child with compassion and empathy, whilst validating their big feelings without shame or judgment. You'll learn how to help your child feel seen, identify their emotions, see you as someone they can trust with their feelings, be more accepting of their feelings and identify the emotions and feelings in others.

🌪️ Tune Into Tantrums - This guide will help you tune into your child's tantrums, it'll help you to reframe them and be better placed to respond to your child, instead of reacting during the challenging moments. Our kids are learning how to communicate their feelings. They’re learning how to regulate their emotions. They’re learning how to control their impulses. It’s so easy to expect more from our children, but developing the ability to do all of these things takes time. This guide looks to give you the tools to tune into those tantrums and reduce those daily frustrations. You'll also get my 7-step "Manage Your Frustrations Checklist".

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