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🤯 Losing your sh*t... LESS!

An honest guide providing parents with tips to help them lose their sh*t... less. This guide is perfect for parents with children between the ages of 0-4.

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  • A 27-page guide to losing your sh*t...less (worth £19.99)
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"Without this, I would have never known and practised this in my parenting 💞 I learned to listen to my daughter and pay real attention to her feelings and how she is reacting. I know this approach has helped my daughter in her progress in life." - The Dad Vibes Customer.

"Thankful for resources like you that can help get dads more involved. I feel blessed to have access to this sort of advice so regularly. Just wanted to say thanks" 🙏 - The Dad Vibes Customer.

"I love The Dad Vibes. Thanks for sharing your input. Parenting doesn't come with a book, and what works one day, may not work the next, but sharing some ideas and perspectives is only helpful. I love your approach." - The Dad Vibes Customer.

🗒️ The Weekly Worksheet

Grab your copy of my guide today and I'll send you a printable 3-page weekly worksheet absolutely free. The worksheet will help you:

  • 😬 Identify your triggers
  • 🍃 Create space to respond rationally
  • 🤯 Acknowledge your child's feelings
  • 🛑 Set consistent boundaries
  • 🧑 Give yourself space to be human

It's difficult to remember things when our stress levels are high during those challenging parenting moments. This worksheet is a great tool for self-reflection, and it'll help you to create important reminders to navigate through those challenging parenting moments.

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