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Calmer Parenting Course

🤯 Parenting is tough, especially during those challenging moments. The Calm Parent provides tools, techniques and real-life experiences to help parents remain calm during those challenging moments and reduce those day-to-day power struggles we all face with our children.

The Calm Parent can help you reduce those everyday parenting frustrations.

  • 😤 Do you feel like you have very limited patience with your little one?
  • 😕 Are you unsure how to respond to your child when they're having an emotional outburst?
  • ❤️ Are you trying to parent more respectfully but constantly feel judged by others?
  • 🥴 Is your little one starting to assert their independence and push their boundaries?
  • 👶 Do you have a newborn or baby and want to prepare yourself for when they start finding their voice?
  • 🤷 Are you and your partner on different pages when it comes to your approach to parenting?

If any of this sounds like you then you'll definitely be able to take something helpful and positive away from The Calm Parent.

"I love the work you're doing. I get good reminders on parenting, some harder to swallow than others, but it never leaves me feeling lonely. I have finally taken your course and I wish that in the future these can have Spanish subtitles. I would love to easily share all the knowledge with my Spanish speaking relatives that could benefit from this. A lot of Hispanic culture and traditions are so hard to change." - The Dad Vibes Customer

"I really liked the development schemas that you talked about and the tips you gave to incorporate that typical behaviour and be more compassionate and allowing towards our little ones. My boy is definitely in the rotation schema at the moment." - The Dad Vibes Customer

"We are finding lots of useful tips, in particular, the tantrums and meltdowns module as we're going through this with my 4-year-old right now. I loved the 'freeze' example you used to help try and redirect before a full-blown meltdown ensues and have used it already! Thanks for sharing brilliant content!" - The Dad Vibes Customer

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DISCLAIMER: By purchasing this course, I understand this course is intended for educational purposes only. This course is not therapy.