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Your thoughts on The Dad Vibes.


I appreciate every one of the DMs I receive. The aim of The Dad Vibes is to provide a fresh perspective on parenting, it's to get dad's talking about topics we don't really discuss, the newborn days, toddler meltdowns, tantrums, cosleeping, responsive parenting and how we can stay calm during those challenging moments.


Personally I have grown as a parent through the content that you share. You've helped me become a better mom to my children and I'm forever grateful for that.


Hey Tom, just wanted to say how awesome your profile is. My wife and I had our first child yesterday and I stumbled onto your page a couple of weeks ago. Your posts have really changed the way I look at fatherhood before our girl got here, and I already feel better for it. Keep it up and much appreciated!


Hey mate, really love your page and have been following for over a year now. Inspiring how you're getting your message out there which is resonating with dads like myself.

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It's ok to admit that parenting is damn hard!


Parenting can be hard, we're often tired, short on patience, or maybe even counting down those minutes until bedtime. It's important to know that this is ok. Our kids need to see the real us, the real authentic version of who we are. We aren't perfect, sometimes we're snappy, sometimes we're sad, frustrated or upset, it's part of life. And if we have a challenging moment with our little one, it provides us with an opportunity to model repair, to take them aside and apologies for the way we were, it teaches them an important lesson whilst boosting that bond you both share.

The Calm Parent offers tools, techniques and real-life experiences to help you during those tougher parenting moments. It'll help you to perceive your child's behaviour constructively, to work with them instead of against them. It'll also help you to set realistic, age-appropriate expectations for your little one, and ultimately allow you to respond more calmly during those challenging times.

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Check Out My Course, The Calm Parent...

The Calm Parent offers 8 modules and plenty of downloadable checklists and guides. It provides a dad's perspective on how we can stay calm during those challenging parenting moments.

Module 1: Our expectations

The expectations we set for our child are absolutely everything. We all want our children to thrive, but quite often we set unrealistic expectations for our little ones, we set the bar way too high and expect too much from them too soon.

Module 2: Our perception

When it comes to parenting, perception dictates our response. If we perceive our child’s behavior to be “naughty”, then naturally we're going to respond negatively. Shifting our perception allows us to move away from being judgemental and move towards being curious. It allows us to rationalise our child's behavior and focus on the need in the most difficult of moments.

Module 3: Our emotions

As the parent, being able to respond calmly during those challenging moments matters. We are the ones who can regulate our emotions, so we can either try bringing a level of calm to the storm, or we can escalate the situation into chaos. In this module, I explore how important our reaction during those challenging moments is, I touch on how we can find our pause, and dive into some tools and techniques that can help you remain calm during the toughest of moments.

Module 4: Meltdowns

Meltdowns are certainly one of the most challenging parts of parenting, how on earth do we respond rationally to our child's often irrational behavior? If we can take a little time to understand why meltdowns occur, then it definitely puts us in a better place to respond to our little one's needs at that moment. But how do we respond in these challenging moments? How do we deal with the screaming, the hitting, the biting and scratching. Should we try to prevent them and how important is setting boundaries? I explore all of this and more in this module all about our toddler meltdowns.

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More of your thoughts.



Hello! Everything you share seems so familiar! Your profile helps me so much to think that I am human. Most parenting accounts consider themselves as someone who is perfect, thank you for all of the advice you share :)


Hey man. Been following for a couple of months now and needed to give you props. Really love your content. It brings me joy every time I see your posts and stories. Everything you post is so helpful and reminds me to be. better parent every day. My daughter's life is better because of you and your account. So thank you for helping me give her the childhood that she deserves.


Thank you for what you share! You have truly helped my husband and I be better parents, better spouses and better people.

Thanks for joining me!

Thanks to each and every one of you. Over 100,000 parents now follow The Dad Vibes which is amazing, I show up every day and look to open up the conversation of positive parenting.


Due to the overwhelming number of DMs I receive every day, I've launched my first course, The Calm Parent.


The Calm Parent offers 8 clear and concise modules, providing parents with tools, techniques, and a dad's perspective when it comes to remaining calm during those challenging parenting moments.


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Struggling to stay calm?

Here are 5 ways that help me stay calm during those tougher parenting moments. We’re all human, we aren’t perfect, we are going to react quickly at times, we are going to snap, it’ll happen. But I hope these 5 tips can help reduce your frustrations during those tougher parenting moments.

5 ways to stay calm during a meltdown

Here are 5 ways that help me stay calm during those tougher parenting moments. We’re all human, we aren’t perfect, we are going to react quickly at times, we are going to snap, it’ll happen. But I hope these 5 tips can help reduce your frustrations during those tougher parenting moments.