Parenting without punishment

Traditionally we've been told that in order for our children to learn they need to know who's boss. We've been told that kids need to be punished if they "misbehave". But what if there's another way? If the goal is to teach our little ones then shouldn't we be capturing these challenging moments as opportunities to teach? Or should our children be punished so that they know better?

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Tips on how you can move away from traditional punishment-based parenting.

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Learn more about parenting without punishment

Change your perception of punishment

If punishment is all we know, how do we start thinking differently?

Explore alternatives

How can we capture these challenging parenting moments as opportunities to teach our child?

Move from compliance to cooperation

What steps can we take to move away from a mindset of demanding blind obedience to one of cooperation?

"Quite often the words punishment and discipline get used interchangeably. The word, discipline, comes from Latin disciplina which essentially means teaching, learning or instruction. Punishment is when we look to inflict or impose a penalty on our children for something they've done."

Aexcellent read!

"Parenting Without Punishment was an excellent read! My son is 18 months old and I have struggled with how to discipline him given his developmental stage, so it provided a very helpful framework. Thank you for your valuable content!"

- Ashley

Raising toddlers can be tough!


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