5 reasons you have a good baby

baby crying newborn sleep Jul 23, 2021
5 reasons you have a good baby

Society often forgets what is biologically normal when it comes to our babies. We can therefore end up setting unrealistic expectations for our little ones. This means new parents may feel they’re doing something wrong, or they may even feel there’s something wrong with their baby. Let’s see what a “good baby” looks like:

  1. Your baby likes to sleep on you, next to you, in a bassinet, in their cot or in their crib. They enjoy being rocked to sleep and they may enjoy being held while they nap.  
  2. Your baby uses crying as a form of communication. They cry when they need a feed, when they need changing if they’re in pain, or when they seek the closeness and comfort of you.   
  3. Your baby sleeps in short cycles through the day and the night. When your baby wakes up they may need you to help them transition from one cycle to the next.  
  4. Your baby has a biological need for you to be close to them. Your presence, your voice and your touch calm your baby.  
  5. Your baby has their own characteristics and behaviours. They may be more or less “fussy” than your friend’s baby. They may require you to be more or less responsive than your friend’s baby.

We’ve created an unrealistic ideal that if a baby is sleeping through the night, they’re a “good baby”. If they’re 100% dependant on their parent to fall asleep, they’re a “bad baby”. We can be made to feel embarrassed if our baby is more “fussy” than our friend’s baby, what are they doing that we aren’t? 

All babies are different, they have different characteristics, patterns of behaviour and temperaments, therefore each baby requires an approach that’s unique to them. Your baby may need to be held more or less than your friends baby. Your baby might not need help transitioning between sleep cycles but your friends baby does. As long as we’re mindful of what’s developmentally appropriate, doing away with these unnecessary stresses and anxieties can make our lives a little easier.




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