Sunday Snippets #2 - Change The Way You Discipline

discipline newsletter punishment Jan 14, 2024

I want to share a framework that will help you move towards a more connected way of parenting. Take your time with these questions and reflect honestly on your answers. The goal here is to create awareness and open the door for you to explore the alternatives.

So when you have some time, grab a pen and work through the 13 questions below:

1.0) What disciplinary methods do you currently use with your child?

1.1) How do you feel when you resort to punishment, and how do you perceive your child feels?

2.0) Can you identify specific situations that often lead to conflicts with your child?

2.1) Reflect on your emotional responses in those situations. What emotions are triggered?

3.0) How were you disciplined as a child, and how has that influenced your current approach to parenting?

3.1) Are these patterns from your upbringing that you want to continue or break with your child?

4.0) What do you hope to achieve when you discipline your child?

4.1) Do your current methods align with your long-term parenting goals?

5.0) How do your current disciplinary methods impact the relationship with your child?

5.1) Do your current methods provide your child with any tools to help them do better next time?

6.0) Can you think of instances where you used open communication instead of punishment?

7.0) Reflect on your stressors and consider how they might influence your parenting style.

8.0) What information or resources do you currently have about positive parenting?



💬 Quote of the week

This is an important one from Janet Lansbury, and very fitting given the topic of this email.

It’s always hardest to remember to acknowledge a child in the heat of a difficult moment, but if a child can hear anything during a temper tantrum, it reassures him to hear our recognition of his point of view. He still resists, cries, and complains, but at the end of the day, he knows we are with him, always in his corner. These first years will define our relationship for many years to come.




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Sunday Snippets #2 - Change The Way You Discipline

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