5 reminders for tired parents

reminders stressed tired Dec 30, 2021
tired parent

I hope these 5 reminders will help you realise that your needs matter too. It's important to acknowledge when you need a break, it's crucial we don't pressure ourselves to be the "perfect parent", because let's be honest, that just doesn't exist.

During your parenting journey, you'll make mistakes, you'll stumble at times, but use these mistakes as opportunities to model repair with your child. Be authentic. Teach them that as human beings we make mistakes, and we're able to hold our hands up and be accountable for those mistakes, these are such invaluable life lessons for our little ones.

We're all lucky to have the opportunity to be parents, it's the most magical thing in the world, but in that same breath, that doesn't mean we aren't allowed to feel all the emotions during our parenting journey. We may be frustrated, guilty, resentful, and that's ok, we're only human.

  1. Acknowledge when you need a break. It’s ok to take time away from your children if you feel you need it. It not only benefits you but your relationships with those around you.
  2. We will stumble at times during our parenting journey and that’s ok. Use these mistakes as chances to teach your child, get comfortable with saying sorry and be sure to model repair. 

  3. Appreciate it’s ok to say “no” to your child. Boundaries are healthy, they allow our children to feel safe and are a crucial part of our child’s development. 
  4. Give yourself space to feel all the feels. Frustration, confusion, guilt, regret, resentment, these feelings are perfectly valid and you may feel one, all or none of these as a parent. 

  5. During those challenging moments don’t take your child’s behaviour personally. Your child is likely doing what they can to communicate their feelings in the best way they know how, it isn’t personal.

If you're struggling just remember one thing:

The fact you care enough to worry, in itself means you're the parent your child needs. Keep up the amazing work.


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