#1 Parenting Truths Podcast - Motorsport’s Steve Day: Travelling the world and dealing with big emotions

parenting truths podcast Apr 12, 2023
Parenting Truths Ep 1

Motorsports commentator and children's author Steve Day shares his experience of balancing a demanding career and starting a family. When Steve's wife fell pregnant, he was touring the world commentating for MotoGP, which is the premier class of motorcycle racing. Steve talks about his challenges of being a parent and a commentator, especially with a 4-year-old who experiences big emotions.

Steve shares his approach to navigating difficult parenting moments and how important it is to be present for his child. He highlights the significant impact that these moments can have on day-to-day life and how he tries to understand his son's feelings.

As a father of one, Steve frequently receives the question of when he is having another child, which he finds frustrating. He stresses the importance of not putting pressure on having another child and focusing on the one that they already have.

This episode offers valuable insights into the challenges of balancing a demanding career and starting a family. Steve's experience highlights the importance of being present for your child and focusing on their needs, especially during difficult moments.

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I'd like to thank Steve for being open and honest in this episode. Watch the episode below:

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