#13 Parenting Truths Podcast - How Can Dads Navigate the Perinatal Period with Confidence? Dad Matters UK

parenting truths podcast Jul 10, 2023
Dad Matters UK

Today, I have the privilege of speaking with Kieran Anders, the Operations Manager for Dad Matters UK. Dad Matters is an organization that tirelessly works to empower fathers to cultivate successful relationships with their families and provides much-needed support for anxiety, stress, and mental health issues.

In this eye-opening conversation, we delve into the importance of mental health support for dads during the perinatal period. Kieran sheds light on the significant impact that fathers' well-being can have on the overall family dynamic and how addressing mental health issues is essential for a healthy family environment.

At Dad Matters, they also recognize the crucial role of attachment and bonding between fathers and their children. Traditionally, discussions around attachment and bonding have been limited, but Kieran and his team are breaking the barriers and emphasizing the significance of these aspects in a father's journey.

Join us as we explore the vital work that Dad Matters does in helping fathers navigate the perinatal period and providing the much-needed support they deserve. Kieran shares practical insights and resources for fathers to cope with anxiety, stress, and mental health challenges, ensuring they can be active and engaged participants in their family's well-being.

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