#2 Parenting Truths Podcast - Food And Our Family: Helping Our Kids Develop A Positive Relationship With Food

parenting truths podcast Apr 26, 2023
Parenting Truths Ep 2

In this episode, I speak with Adam, the founder of At Dad's Table and author of ‘How To Grow Your Family'. Adam is passionate about helping families foster a positive and healthy relationship with food. He shares his insights on the challenges women face during their pregnancies when it comes to food and what motivated him to write a book full of recipes to help women through their pregnancy and into the fourth trimester. He also discusses the importance of weaning and how to encourage little ones to develop a healthy relationship with food.

Adam acknowledges the pressure that pregnant women feel when it comes to food. He believes that women are often given conflicting advice and are bombarded with information about what they should and shouldn't eat. This can create a sense of anxiety, which is not conducive to a healthy pregnancy. Adam's book, 'How To Grow Your Family', provides a comprehensive guide to healthy eating during pregnancy, including practical tips and delicious recipes.

Weaning is another topic that Adam is passionate about. He believes that the first 1000 days of a child's life are crucial for developing a healthy relationship with food. Adam encourages parents to introduce various foods to their children and make meal times fun and enjoyable. He emphasizes that children are more likely to develop a healthy relationship with food if exposed to a wide range of flavours and textures from an early age.

Adam is also a busy parent, juggling work and looking after three boys aged 5 and under. He and his wife welcomed their second baby just weeks before the first lockdown hit in 2020. Adam shares how they dealt with the transition to two kids while dealing with lockdown and having a 3-year-old at home. He acknowledges that it was a challenging time, but they were able to adapt and find creative ways to keep their family entertained and engaged.

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I'd like to thank Adam for being open and honest in this episode. Watch the episode below: 

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