#5 Parenting Truths Podcast - The Evolution of a Father: From Waste Man to Family Man of 3 Under 3

parenting truths podcast May 17, 2023
Parenting Truths Ep 5

Discover the inspiring journey of Russ Buckner, a dedicated father of three, as he shares his experiences of parenting three young children, who at one point, were all aged three and under. Russ opens up about his personal growth since becoming a parent, revealing his past struggles with self-destructive tendencies during his teenage years and how he successfully transformed his mindset as an adult.

During his youth, Russ lived by a reckless mantra of living in the moment without considering the consequences of tomorrow. Amidst the challenges of raising three young children, Russ and his wife faced an additional hurdle when their second child, Theo, was born prematurely just days before the world went into lockdown. The neonatal unit confined Theo, and a heartbreaking hospital policy allowed only one parent to be present, leaving Russ uncertain about when he could reunite with his wife and newborn.

Throughout this emotional episode, Russ's honesty and openness shed light on the realities of parenthood, particularly during trying times like a pandemic. His candid account serves as an invaluable source of motivation and validation for listeners facing similar situations.

Don't miss this thought-provoking conversation with Russ Buckner as he offers insightful lessons on embracing parenthood, personal transformation, and finding strength amidst challenges.

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