#8 Parenting Truths Podcast - Raising Kids: Clinical Psychologist Reveals Respectful Parenting Strategies: Dr Martha Collado

parenting truths podcast Jun 07, 2023
Clinical Psychologist Reveals Respectful Parenting Strategies

Dr Martha is a clinical psychologist with over 20 years of clinical and academic experience. Dr Martha joins me to talk about ways we can begin to move away from traditional fear-based parenting techniques. Martha’s expertise is in parenting, child development, and paediatric health, so we dive into a whole host of topics including consequences and punishments, what we do when our child refuses to turn off the TV, yelling and how we can begin to model repair.

“Consequences often mask as punishments. If what you do is give your child a consequence then often what you’re doing is choosing the consequence yourself and it’s still a power dynamic with your child.”

Martha also shares openly and honestly about her international upbringing, how that shaped the parent she is today, and how that has impacted the relationship she has with her 4-year-old daughter.

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